Friday, June 3, 2011

Simple post for may 2011'

Tuesday May 31,
Outing with da loves one Agnes
@Gong cha, the gardens
It's taste still okay but i prefer their bubble tea :)

Monday May 30,
Photo shooting day with Kaiyee & Yeam @ Taman metropolitan kepong
Simple outfit for the day

Pro yeam! :D

More coming pichas will be upload via Facebook :)

Saturday May 28,
Simple movie day with dexter :)
Kung fu panda 2 in 3D!
It's an officially awesome movie!
And also available in cantonese version *wink*

The Furious Five - Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey.

Friday May 27,
Steamboat session with old classmate and went for movie around 9somethings
Pirates of the caribbean :)

the mermaids

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Change the year of your date to 2011 ♥

Time flies , just like a rocket !
2010 is gonna end in this 24hours and 34minutes more !
Lots of memories in this year , i learned alots things , i felt alots things , and i did alots faults too!
But the 100 percent right thing that i've did is i met up my hubby and start a relationship with him ! Andrew Lau, I wiling to love you ,care you, sek you for da lifetime , dont break our promises! My love for you is not be explained. It's as boundless as the sea . We're happening our FOREVER LOVE ♥♥
My sweetest Honey Kaiyee our friendship will be never ends right ? It's will be forever , nothings can effect our friendship ! I do love you muchieeeeee my honey girl ;)
Sabyy same to you darling i would love to enjoy our crazyness together ,i heart you my darl (:
It's too much people have to write for , but i'm lazy ! Sorry for my lazyness , forgive me my babessss ! 2011 is coming dude !
Live life to the fullest, Do all you wanna do, Dream as they may come true, But remember always keep faith in what you think and do.
Good luck to those who're sitting PMR & SPM next year , add oil together

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Da days ! :)

19 December
Midvalley with da sista :)
on d way going !

Midvalley ♥
Bears are so big so tall , as freaking crowded that day so i didnt took any pic with the bear!
16 December
Simply shopping with my Honey ♥
I FFK her for half hour ! ;(
sorry honey !
We went Pavilion ,Time square , that day (:
Decoration of Time square.Chatimeeeee C;We promised wanna eat delicious foods next time! : )
Talk , gossip , chat , laughs !
Excited for that day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

December is LOVE ;)

14 December

The day before bii going HK he came my place , he reached around 11 smtg.
And i'm sleeping still -,-
My sis came my room to wake me up ,and i saw him in the living room! *loves loves*
Eldest sis decided go klcc for shopping , so we followed her along.
Christmas tree of Harrods!Fred perry * On d way home.
Second round ,
Sunway pyramid with sis after B going home for preparing his luggage.

Ginger bread -

8 December
Random outing with bii that day
I went bii house about 12 sometings
Around 2pm ,bii and me heading to 1utama
We shopping to grab some stuff for cny :)
The Christmas Decoration of 1utama
*Super love it*Pavilion after that :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fitou Brasserie ♥ Café Stelle by Raffles

5 December
Bii mami gave us 5 tickets for fitou brasserie's buffet
80 bucks for each person
So we decided go with sis and bii :)

Bii bought a Christmas's version Sticky candy for me as he went One Utama wif his family.

My love with orange juice ♥ Heading to pavilion meet eldest sis up for shopping .

It's tea time :)

Café Stelle by Raffles for high tea.

Bii is loveee ♥